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My Engineering Days...

By Giridhar Metikal

It was in my 1st year. The first day of my english class where our english madam asked us to write about ourselves in a piece of paper and read it out on the stage. This was the first time I had to decide if I were to be one of those laid back, “chalta hai” characters, networking a lot with my fellow classmates, making enough girlfriends to do my assignments (not to forget the chocolates in return) OR one of those sensitive, emotional, serious and reserved characters, pretty much sticking to my job, struggling to secure good rank in the class and finally ending up with an IT job. I think it was only in my first speech I tried to be like a former personality while the rest of my graduation almost went in the lines of the latter personality. But, who knew in the meanwhile we had this trishool and FS that were doing the rounds in all the campus? Now that I have decided to be acting like one of the latter personalities, I had no other option than to be part of such a big deal called “FS”. Here comes the protagonist of KMIT. “Neil Gogte”. Wait; let me decide how to pronounce the last name. “Excuse me, how do I pronounce GOGTE? Go-gh-?e?? Okay, thank you.” This old man, almost nearing to 60s I guess :-), fair and (NO, I am not going to say handsome, at least not by his looks) pretty much ruled our hearts, wears his favorite white shirt, cream trouser, without a belt at times (maybe he did not had enough time that day), slippers at times which says “Beta, focus on the board with the code that I am building, not on my slippers or my missing belt for that matter”. Who is going to forget this ultimate personality? I am sure NONE in every batch. I can go on with the different initiatives that he brings to the college and the algorithmic strategies that he pitches in the class. Remember the customized and optimized bubble sort code that Neil sir wrote in one of those classes? I was like “Wow! This is really awesome! May be we should publish this code in internet so that everybody will be benefited and will SAVE some time in their lives” Suddenly one of my friends whispers “Uthna scene nahin hain unko. You can find that code in careercup” ha ha. Now, I realize, Neil Sir is no different than those CTRL +C and CTRL+V guys in the IT industry. Coming to our EXAM days. if anyone wants to learn some acting skills, the best time is to pitch in 3 hours before any exam and I am sure you will find enough drama to kick start your career in those terms. “Arey yaar, mera tho 4 units hi huan” “mera tho 2 units hi huan” “mera tho kuch nahin huan. Abhi start karna hain preparation” and here comes the master piece “mama, eeroju BEE exam e kada?” while it was EDC and to our surprise, my friends have passed even in that case because anyways, they end up writing about circuits, cables, wires, current, power, transformer, ac and dc and what not? I conclude this nonsense with a question to my fellow IT class mates “if I were to do my engineering again, who should I be really like? (Assuming that I am very passionate about programming...Wait a second. I don’t have to be because I will anyways end up being one :-) )”

NOTE: Some of the SITUATIONS above are CUSTOMIZED just to make you SMILE if not LAUGH!!! (If I were not successful in my attempt, that’s okay to laugh for no reason because you don’t have to make SENSE all the time :-) Now, let me laugh out Loud! ee-huh-ha-ha)

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